RECYCLE EXPERIENCE is an art project established by Evan Driyananda and Attina Nuraini who shares the same interest in pop culture and toys art movement. Started circa 2006, they have made and reconstructed various kinds of materials, which existence were unexpected —even forgotten by most people in their daily lives— into new forms which are expected to be the media to express the creators’ explorative skills. These kind of explorations were conveyed by utilizing “Founded Objects media” (various kinds of non-organic waste which happens to be available amongst humanity), into many kinds of “Character Robotic Imagination”.

We had also established a “Custom Plush Jewelry” label called MANNEQUIN PLASTIC which gives different space to convey their imaginations.

Since its establishment, RECYCLE EXPERIENCE has been given enormous opportunities to participate in various numbers of activities such as art exhibitions, art collaborations, workshops, talk shows and many co-op works with several of the creative industries’ designers, companies, musicians and academic institutions.


Sebuah Robot dari RECYCLE EXPERIENCE industry, yang akan menghampiri anda-anda yang terlihat menggenggam sampah non organik.... segeralah masukan sampah itu pada keranjang sampah yang di bawa olehnya.
Trash Machine di kendalikan jarak jauh dengan menggunakan sebuah remote control, dan empat buah roda mainan bekas sebagai penggeraknya.

scaner tua, Blender, Kaleng rokok, keran air,
garpu, selang besi, siku, tutup botol, tempat sampah,
mainan bekas, sensor bunyi,
dan sedikit imajinasi.