RECYCLE EXPERIENCE is an art project established by Evan Driyananda and Attina Nuraini who shares the same interest in pop culture and toys art movement. Started circa 2006, they have made and reconstructed various kinds of materials, which existence were unexpected —even forgotten by most people in their daily lives— into new forms which are expected to be the media to express the creators’ explorative skills. These kind of explorations were conveyed by utilizing “Founded Objects media” (various kinds of non-organic waste which happens to be available amongst humanity), into many kinds of “Character Robotic Imagination”.

We had also established a “Custom Plush Jewelry” label called MANNEQUIN PLASTIC which gives different space to convey their imaginations.

Since its establishment, RECYCLE EXPERIENCE has been given enormous opportunities to participate in various numbers of activities such as art exhibitions, art collaborations, workshops, talk shows and many co-op works with several of the creative industries’ designers, companies, musicians and academic institutions.

Check out these pages for quality cyber window-shopping of art-worthy goods made from garbage.
Nowadays everyone and their mother...and their mother’s mothers are on Facebook. Businesses and organizations alike are starting to realize if you can’t beat the Facebook traffic, you might as well join 'em. Since I love junk made from used junk, I did a hunt for crafty people who specialize in selling upcycled art. Though I did not make any purchases, nor have I done business with any of these artists [yet], I did find some hidden gems worth window-shopping.
Here are ten of my favorites. Did I miss your favorite DIY green crafter? Share the love and post it in the comments below.
1. Eco-artware.com: This fan page was created for the artists of Eco-artware.com to connect with their biggest fans. Not only do they sell artwork from used and recycled materials, but also from a social media perspective, this is probably the most comprehensive and well put together fan page that I came across on my journey. Looks like they also do giveaways. And the best part: you can cyber window shop on the page itself.
2. Recycle Experience: I stumbled upon this page titled Recycle Experience based out of Indonesia. If you ever need inspiration for toys and figurines made from garbage, you’ll want to check out these neat little robots that are constructed from all sorts of trashy stuff including old electronic parts, plastic silverware, Pringles canisters and more.
3. Freecycle: Feeding into the mantra “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” this fan page aims to educate and unite those who want to keep quality trash out of landfills. The fan page hooks up those posting their unwanted goods and those looking for wanted goods that others have deemed unwanted. While this page isn’t necessarily about producing artwork, it provides a nifty alternative for those artists digging through dumpsters for materials.
4. Eye Pop Art: Making bracelets, bowls, clocks and more out of “recycled vinyl records and other repurposed, reused and reclaimed materials,” Christine Claringbold creates gorgeous mandala masterpieces. Fans of Claringbold’s work eagerly await her colorful updates.
5. Esty Trashion Team: This fan page is the hub for Esty sellers “who specialize in turning trash into treasure.” The page has nearly 500 fans!
6. Sword + Fern: This page is for lovers of jewelry created from recycled stuff. Oregon artist Emily Baker creates one-of-a-kind accessories from objects like antique lightboxes, steel watery loops and recycled glass. According to one of her recent posts, it looks like she just opened up shop.
7. The Reclamation Project: The story and inspiration behind artist and trash collector Tim Combs is pretty unique, and so is the story behind his artwork. Working in themes from Japanese art and photographs found in dumpsters, I, personally, look forward to seeing what's to come.
8. Beans Things: I really like this page by Bean Things founder Jeanna who upcycles the images used in her magnets, pendants and jewery. Recycled pop (soda, whatever) bottle caps and Caprisuns packages are also materials showcased in her portfolio. ArtFire has a cool Facebook app for designers to showcase their latest items that Jeanna has incorporated into her page.
9. Wash When Dirty: Recycling, upcycling and using eco-friendly products this crafter puts a lot of handmade love into her pillows, bags and home decor items.
10. Under the Root: "I see London, I see France, I see [insert random name]'s underpants." Who knew that undergarments could be so fricking cute, let alone made “using sustainable, repurposed, reclaimed, vintage materials?" I think this may also be the first fan page I’ve come across selling underwear.
There yah have it...ten gems. So whom did I miss? Let me know in the comments.
By Gawky Green of Two Girls Go Green

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