RECYCLE EXPERIENCE is an art project established by Evan Driyananda and Attina Nuraini who shares the same interest in pop culture and toys art movement. Started circa 2006, they have made and reconstructed various kinds of materials, which existence were unexpected —even forgotten by most people in their daily lives— into new forms which are expected to be the media to express the creators’ explorative skills. These kind of explorations were conveyed by utilizing “Founded Objects media” (various kinds of non-organic waste which happens to be available amongst humanity), into many kinds of “Character Robotic Imagination”.

We had also established a “Custom Plush Jewelry” label called MANNEQUIN PLASTIC which gives different space to convey their imaginations.

Since its establishment, RECYCLE EXPERIENCE has been given enormous opportunities to participate in various numbers of activities such as art exhibitions, art collaborations, workshops, talk shows and many co-op works with several of the creative industries’ designers, companies, musicians and academic institutions.


Bottlesmoker take a concept of bedroom music. Produce music in their own room, using custom toy equipment and keyboard to create a simple electronic sounds.
Mum, Manitoba, Tunng, The Album Leaf and Isan mostly has influence their music. Beside net label artist such as observatoryonline.org has become main influence and important example for them to create music. Through massive internet service, bottlesmoker has walking confidently on myspace world. Through myspace a method named SASE (self address stamped envelopes) was used by bottlesmoker to spread song materials for they listener for free, public may send their CD-Blank to bottlesmoker address and those CD will be resend virtually by bottlesmoker containing bottlesmoker songs complete with their sleeve cover.

With their room made music, no recording company that suits with their music concept. So, they still on their honest line of music share, like net label. On January 2008, finally bottlesmoker sign with net label from USA "probablyworse" records to release their "slow mo smile" album. This “slow mo smile” album contains new materials of bottlesmoker songs and public able to download it for free, simply by log on to www.probablyworse.antlechrist.org instead, "slow mo smile" album re-released by net label from Indonesia "shining” records, a net label under a same roof with "deathrockstar.info". That makes bottlesmoker "slow mo smile” album can be download for free at www.shiningrecords.com/bottlesmoker.

‘Slow mo smile’ a single taken from “slow mo smile” album, participate on "Sympathy For Indonesian Music Industry Volume 1" released by "oneloop” records, a net label from Bandung, Indonesia. And again, it can be download for free, just log on to www.oneloop.net. Single "before circus over" also participate on one free compilation album called "all is well when all is one". Bottlesmoker get a chance to remix a song for several bands, such as "phi" from Vincent Vega album, it can be download at www.vincentvegatheband.com, then Rock N Roll Mafia, extended remix for Polyester Embassy and also for many others free compilation project. On July and August 2008, newest song from bottlesmoker "walls" already participate on two net label compilation from Indonesia, “inmyroom” records (Jakarta, Indonesia net label) and “invasi” records (Bandung, Indonesia net label). On September 2008, Before Circus Over Album has already released by Neovynil, Spain (www.neovynil.org) And of course both of it can be download for free, again!. Enjoy another copyleft music!cx

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